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Professional Services: Heritage Conservation and Management

Permits Application Forms

Sections 27, 34 and 35 require that no person may destroy, damage or alter a heritage site/ structure without a permit from ECPHRA. 

  1. Application forms for BE
  2. Guidelines to Application Submission Process
  3. BG Forms
  4. APM Forms 
Infrastructural development comments

ECPHRA is a heritage commenting authority in the province in terms of NEMA; it is also required to issue comments in accordance with section 38 of NHRA.

Heritage Projects

This is the platform for heritage projects of any type that may be the initiatives of ECPHRA and/ or that ECPHRA played and continue to play active role in their conceptualization and implementation. They may be active or pending projects. The following are such examples:

a) Rooiwal Fossil Park Project

b) Extension of the MDTfP WHS into Eastern Cape

c) Survey of heritage resources within the protected areas of EC

d) Provincial Audit of PHSs

Archaeology, Palaeontology, Meteorites and Burial Grounds

Built Environment


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